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Individual Taxes

Are you trying to do your taxes all on your own but you need some help? Check out our 3 Step Guide to Tax Freedom! Here is a short list of our most popular Individual Tax Services:

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Business Taxes

Need help on your Payroll Taxes? Do you need to keep your Accounting and Booking up-to-date? Ohio Tax Solutions can help your business and more!

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1099 and W2 Compliance

Each year, businesses face the time-consuming and penalty-laden tasks associated with W-2 and 1099 compliance. Don’t be one of those businesses.

941 Payroll Tax Issues

If you own or have owned a business with employees, the IRS assesses what is termed 941 or employee withholding tax. This tax is due every operating quarter, and if it is not paid, penalties and interest will begin to accrue. If these taxes are neglected long enough, the business can be closed and all assets seized to satisfy the debt.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Tired of taking care of those finances you do not know much about? Let Ohio Tax Solutions
help. Put the burden on us and we can solve your Accounting and Bookkeeping problems.

Compliance and Ongoing Tax Advice

Once you have experienced a tax problem – the last thing you want to do is find yourself down the same path in a few years. Talk to Ohio Tax Solutions now!

Current Year TaxesCurrent Year Tax Preparation

If you are looking for solving this year’s tax concerns, then you have come to the right place. Have us complete your taxes for this year – stress free!  We preform City, State, and Federal Taxes.

BillDelinquent Tax Returns

If a taxpayer fails to file a return, the IRS submits what is termed an SFR (Substitute for Return). This is submitted by the IRS for the taxpayer using bank deposits as the taxpayer’s gross income.

Expiration of Statutes of Limitations

We have saved our clients, literally, millions of dollars, just by advising, and strategizing with them to wait out the 10 year expiration date, especially if they are close.

Innocent SpouseInnocent Spouse

Innocent Spouse Relief is a type of tax relief that can relieve you of your tax liabilities, interest and penalties as a result of filing a joint tax return with your current or ex-spouse depending on your circumstances.

IRS AppealIRS Appeals

An Appeal is a request by a taxpayer that does not agree with an IRS decision. The action of filing an appeal puts the IRS on notice that the taxpayer doesn’t agree with the IRS and is seeking a meeting to change the IRS decision.

IRS Audits

You’ve just received a letter from the IRS telling you that your return has been chosen for an audit or proposing to adjust your taxes without even talking with you. Call Ohio Tax Solutions immediately!

Bank SafeIRS Bank Levies

A bank levy is when your bank account is frozen and all or part of the funds in your bank account is seized. Bank levy’s can happen for many reasons, however the two most common are due to unpaid taxes and unpaid debt.

IRS LiensIRS Liens and Seizures

The IRS or other state taxing authority can make your life miserable by filing a federal tax lien against you. Tax Liens are public records that indicate you owe the IRS various taxes.

Payment PlansIRS Payment Plans

If you enter into an installment agreement, your payment amount will be based on your ability to pay and will be a manageable amount that can be maintained over the duration of the installment agreement.

IRS Wage Garnishments

Once a wage garnishment is filed with an employer, the employer is legally required to collect a large percentage (usually 30-75%) of the taxpayer’s NET paycheck and send it to the IRS.

CompromiseOffer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is an agreement between a taxpayer and the IRS that resolves the taxpayer’s tax. debt.

CalculatorPayroll Services

Ohio Tax Solutions offers Payroll Services for small, medium, and large sized businesses. We make payroll easy, which in the end, increases productivity and profits.

Hand MoneyPenalty Abatement

Besides the Offer in Compromise, there is another, very effective program for reduction of an outstanding tax debt…