Here is what some of our clients had to say about our services.

Saved Our Family and Our Business – By HIheat

We needed a firm to audit and redo our business tax returns, and we had less then a week to do.

No one would do it…it would take too long, they didn’t want to get mixed up in a pending law suit, etc.etc…

I was given Ohio Tax Solutions name and number. I talked to them on Thursday night, met with them on Friday morning, and Monday morning I had my cleaned up amended returns in my hand, and was told, if the IRS, or Bank, etc wanted to call and verify they would stand behind it all the way.

They saved our business, and we were able to purchase our home, and no longer be homeless.

Who could ask for better service then that?!!

They were understanding of the urgent need, and not afraid to stand up to the plate and help out.

They get an A++++++ from our company, and we will now use them in replace of our current firm.

Thanks Ohio Tax Solutions!

We needed profession and fast help and got it from Ohio Tax Solutions LLC – By Smith

After calling and working with other firms that couldn’t get my case done as they said,

I saw Ohio Tax Solutions on YP.com, called made a same day meeting worked with Ohio Tax and they were able to have my wage garnishment stopped and work out a resolution with both the IRS and the State, we had very fast relief.

Thank You Ohio Tax Solutions.